Studio Harmonize

Our studio uses the industrial concept to match the original location. And harmonize with our identity, We extend this concept to look more chic, modern. Every square meter area, regardless of which zone, We designed it to be able to change into a whole photos angle. With the props have from the organizer is a lot. We think that it makes us and the customers feel not monotonous with the same scene, the same props, but also makes us use every space worthwhile. Different from general studios that set the scene in a fixed area. The color that we choose yellow and gray that gives a balance between enthusiasm and calmness. In other words, it also means gold and money.

Why pre-wedding photos with Studio Harmonize:

  1. With a variety of props set and no fixed scenes. We allow every pair of customers to take pictures at a unique angle.
  2. No additional studio rental fees **
  3. Working as a team, The set scene, customer care, stylist, creative props.
  4. Bring out the naturalness of the bride and groom as much as possible.
  5. Work as a new generation, That emphasizes creativity.
  6. Natural color tone adjustment for another 10 years, 100 years. Photos do not look out of date.
  7. We have areas including Studio Indoor, natural light, outdoor lawn, small grass fields, etc. and being creative. Both large and small props, For the bride and groom to take a cool photo with us.
  8. Over 100 wedding dresses.
  9. Not selling the photo, file, and anything more. The price is according to the package with the details clearly provided.