At Harmonize, together with us

As for the Wedding Decoration / Wedding Organizer. Would like to explain the information as follows. The work we do is not a fixed format package. Because we will create a new event. Working in a creative event. We will try to make the identity of the customer the most.

Because we think that the wedding. There are different components as below.

  • Each couple has different personalities.
  • The location is also different form style, size area, location design.
  • Budget
  • Requirements

Harmonize’s work is based on 4 components. Which have to talk to each other as work. After getting complete details, then come to think of each part again. What Harmonize will do, And how much each price.

Components that must be requested for more details as below.

  • Locations
  • Date
  • Theme or Concept
  • Budget

The price is based on scale and decorative sections. When sending the quotation, the work will be divided into sections. Customers will see thoroughly and understand exactly the same.

Getting information is important for our work. Don’t be afraid that Harmonize will be Hard Sale. Never forced or anything at all.

We will recommend suitable things based on our experience and knowledge.

Finally, Customers have to compare and choose the ones that suit themselves by themselves.