Inspiration to the Beginning, Harmonize all your weddings


“10 years ago, P’Koi first started at an event organizer company. The boss saw that the wedding market was growing. At that time there were less than 10 wedding planners, so the boss took this market. And then myself studied the work as well, became more passionate about the wedding party. When it came time to start a business of its own, it became Harmonize all your weddings. The more I do, the more I like and happier. We were with a few people. But everyone loves each other, giving good things to each other. Still getting happiness and also making merit too, Because we can make couples and families happy and continue to make good relationships. “

“For P’Big, beginning with being a magazine photographer. I have photographed the product and taking art photos before. Then when P’Koi starts a business, then invites to come together. In the beginning, I declined it. I’m afraid of communicating with people without knowledge. In the past, I will only take photos of things places, That the photographer had to communicate within a single way. But the difficulty of taking photos of people is that they have to communicate their needs with us in the same way. P’Koi insists that we must do and do well too. So we come to talk about what kind of work to do, how to do it and go ahead! “

Harmonize that perfect

“Let’s talk about work style. P’Koi and P’Big are different styles. Regarding finding the perfect common ground, I didn’t use any principles or theories. Just having time to share ideas together will gradually. Absorb each other. P’Koi helped P’Big  think about photography. P’Big helps P’Koi think about organizing the event.  We work together, allowing us to absorb ourselves. P’Koi got a lot of art perspective from P’Big. P’Big also gets direction from management as well.”

Work as you wish, Using concept control

“Our work style, using the concepts of the new generation are looking for fun and happiness. We focus on offering fun, smiles from Inner. But when it’s actually working, We will adjust according to the customer’s needs. Which we have to do homework together with customers before having a discussion. Like some customers want to have a sweet concept or be very cool, I can arrange it. Although many people may think that it is very different. But that is the homework that we do all the time In the end, it will be a perfect point that comes out beautifully according to each of its own concepts. “


“If you have a plan to marry, The first thing that should be done is to find the auspicious time or set the wedding day. After that, think of a wide concept and find a location based on the event. At this point, it is advisable to do homework early. If you get these 2 things then come to more detailed concepts. You will see how the event will look like. You will not miss the concept throughout the event. Which is better than looking for dresses, looking for pre-wedding and etc. Without looking at the concept of the wedding. It will cause us to get lost and may cause something that is not what is wanted. Important for those who look at auspicious times. If the end of the year, November, December. If you know the date early, Hurried to do homework since the beginning of the year. Because the auspicious day of this 2 month will be the peak of the year. It may be difficult to find a place, organizer, photographer, make-up artist, etc. In addition to the main matters, Those small things components of work should also pay attention. Because sometimes these small parts will create a good feeling. Can be the main part of the event

Finally, P’Koi said that the bride and groom. The wedding was arranged once. P’Koi wants the bride and groom to be impressed with our work. Invest as much as we can to get the event, doing homework, finding information or finding the right advisor. Can represent our ideas. Will help plan the job easier.”

Harmonize has a variety of works that you may not have seen. But will make you choose your wedding style wisely.