Design & Decoration

At harmonize, together with us, we will serve you a new and fresh ideas to set the perfect design for you and your guests enjoying. While the ideas at length suit your style and budget.

Let us help you create your wedding day by discussion as follow;

  • Location and Day
  • Theme or concept
  • Budgeting

The Processing

  1. Providing the date of wedding, include picture references and the budgeting.
  2. Booking the date to make sure your date. (The First pledge)
  3. Survey the place. ( In case the new place)
  4. The Harmonize and you work together for special ideas and details then approximately the price for each details.
  5. Working and adjusting until meet your satisfy point.
  6. The second pledge: 30-40%
  7. Launch the perfect project.
  8. The Third paid 60-70% on event date (at the end of event)

(In case : Needed our staff to survey the outside place without any hire or any service, we have to charge for operating cost.)

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