Trend for wedding sequence scheduling in 2024

Trend for wedding sequence scheduling in 2024

Weddings in 2023 have really changed a lot from before. After the Covid period There are changes in many aspects of weddings, including the format, time, ceremony, style of venue, decorations, number of guests, and beliefs, and many other things.

Today, I will share 1 thing first. This is what I and my team as wedding planners are very good at managing. So I came up with this content which I called, "Trend for wedding sequence scheduling in 2024"

The most style of arranging the time on the wedding day is like this, which I completely agree with for brides and grooms nowadays. The emphasis is on organizing a wedding for your own happiness, happiness, and memories.

Come on, let's see how they are arranged. For the newlyweds that I focus on organizing outdoor& unique space events and small size events with no more than 100 guests so that the average cost of wedding planner is not high..

This is western style and non-religious, but it focuses mainly on moments and good memories together.

Vow Ceremony & Dinner Reception Sequence

Vow Ceremony & Dinner Reception Sequence

• 16:00 Guest arrive
• 16:30 Vow Ceremony
• 16:40 Exchange Ring  
• 16:50 Bouquet Toss  
• 17:00 Photo Session
• 17:30 Cocktail Hour or Pre-Dinner / Bride and groom change clothes
• 18:30 Invite guests to have a seat at the dinner table
• 18:50 Bride and groom speech welcoming guests
• 19:00 Dinner (The bride and groom also have dinner together with guest)
• 19:45 Guest Speech  
• 20:00 Cut the cake  
• 20:10 Serve desserts and cakes
• 20:20 First dance
• 20:30 Open Floor
• 22:00 Let's Party

This is the wedding sequence of the bride and groom who doesn't focus on the traditional. But focus on fun, focus on moments and good memories shared between themselves and guests.

There are many good things on this wedding sequence.

Trend การจัดลำดับเวลา wedding sequence ปี 2024

1. The ceremony is short and have time for the bride and groom to enjoy the moment.
2. The bride and groom are not stressed about the ceremony. Because there is no right or wrong. Because it doesn't depend on religion. It does not depend on any culture. The bride and groom can reduce, increase, cut, adjust as desired, exactly as they desire.
3. Be fully yourself. Ready to get all happiness from your own wedding.
4. There is little adult participation because this was not familiar with this style
5. The bride wore a beautiful wedding dress accessories “veil”. I believe that many girls dream to wear veil in her wedding. 6. Kiss the bride in a meaningful moment with beautiful scene, including sunset, view, atmosphere, and vibes because you can kiss the bride only when the celebrant announces “ We're completely husband and wife, Now you can kiss the Bride”.
7. There are many beautiful, memorable scenes with good meanings such as first look, first dance, walk down the aisle.
8. There is a time for the bride and groom to greet and enjoy with guests. The bride and groom don't have to stand in front of the photo backdrop for hours and tired with stand too long on heels.
9. It's a dream wedding, like in western movie. It's a dream of many girls, right?
10. Most importantly, there is time for the bride and groom to eat as well. It's very important. You have time to sit on beautiful table, and have time eat the delicious food on the same time with your guests.

And this is the wedding sequence of the nowadays of newlyweds. Come on, now that you roughly know what does a wedding planner do, you can try to prepare your own wedding and plan an event like this better. Come pick it up and use it as you please.

Let's organizer a dream wedding that focuses on good moments for the bride and groom to remember.

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