Expenses that newlyweds may forget when planning wedding!

Expenses that newlyweds may forget when planning wedding!

When organizing the wedding, everyone knows that there are many expenses including food, venue, drinks, wedding dresses, bands, cards, souvenirs, photographers, pre-wedding videos, etc. These are already included in the budget plan when discussing how to start planning a wedding.

But why do many who have been married before say that the budget planned is definitely bigger than this!! And are there any expenses that the bride and groom may forget or not think about?

Today I share to help brides and grooms who are planning their wedding on without hiring wedding planner organizer.

Let's break them down into categories. It will be easy to remember.

Beauty Category

Beauty Category

Beauty is important and always comes first for bride. When planning a wedding, this budget cannot be minimal. Because every detail matters especially on big day.
o Bride's accessories; shoes, underwear, stockings, hairpin etc.
o After party outfits for the bride and groom
o Facial and body massage
o Manicures, hair coloring, hair removal
o Beautiful colored contact lenses
o Fitness and dietary supplements
o Hair and makeup test
o Beauty course

Food and beverage category

Food and beverage category

o Corkage charge
o Food for teams
o Food testing costs

Party category

o Alcohol beverage for party
o Hen's Night or Bachelor’s Night
o Lighting & Sound System for Party
o Over time for Band ro DJ
o Party Props
o Finger food or snacks
o Photographer & Video

Gifts & Tips - Wedding planner bangkok

Gifts & Tips category

o Gifts for someone special
o Transportation and Accommodation for guest
o Bridesmaid & Groomsmen outfits
o Welcome Dinner
o Tips for teams

Category of additional expenses of the venue

o Cleaning costs
o Overtime costs of facility staff

Belief category- Wedding planner bangkok

Belief & traditional category

o Fortune teller for wedding day and special time
o Cost of various ritual equipment according to the beliefs of each area, religion, group of people

Bring-in charge *Up to policy

o Decoration
o Live Band
o Electricity
o Corkage charge
o Over time of Venue rental

Other categories

o Gimmick for opening the bride and groom
o Transportation costs, travel costs, postage or delivery cost
o Vat and Service Charge for some items
o In case anything might go wrong.

These are lists of "expenses that the bride and groom may have forgotten", Sure that not all item for every bride & groom will pay. But please aware and prepare this budget.

If you have a professional Wedding planner organizer, they will remind you all different expenses when planning a wedding. They come to help you plan the budget from the beginning, often reducing control and budget expansion because the professionals already knowing and what we usually do. And they help you focusing on saving money or good ideas as plan B C D for you.

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